Client:  Zhenjiang Water
Location: Zhenjiang, Jiansu Province, China
Year: 2016

To meet Sponge City goals for flood reduction and water quality treatment, Green Earth Operations (GEO) and Herrera Environmental (Herrera) teamed up to developed a Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) for a 22-square kilometer area to quantify existing problems and identify the most cost effective suite of stormwater management controls (SMCs).A “toolbox” of SMCs was developed including detailed cost and performance information for a combination of large centralized treatment facilities and a distributed system of smaller scale devices and low impact development practices.

Extensive mapping analysis was performed to identify opportunities and constraints for applying these SCMs throughout the City.  Finally, the project team is using a proprietary optimization tool to batch process SWMMM runs and evaluate associated output; this tool will greatly reduce the time required to identify an optimum suite of SCMs for meeting Sponge City goals.