Wuhan Sponge City

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Client: China Eco-city Academy Co.,ltd

Location: Wuhan, China

Green Earth Oprations (GEO) set up the existing condition SWMM model for the 4km2 site to evaluate the planning document developed by Wuhan LDI, and optimize the plan to meet the project goals. The site will implement multiple type of Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) to treat 70% of annual
rainfall, and remove 50% of TSS. The design team also have proposed a comprehensive plan for monitoring, which will evaluate if the facilities and the overall goals are being meet.

Besides, GEO also designed and developed
construction drawings for a Waterfall Treatment System(WTS) facility which is a company proprietary design. This system creates a wetland pond and improve the landscape. Water is lifted by a pump from deep pipe to underground storage tank and
get stored, settled and screened, then the pretreated water pumped to proprietary Waterfall Treatment System (WTS) for filtration and TSS reduction. Besides the WTS design, GEO also is responsible for landscape design, ensuring project meet both landscape and engineering requirements.

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