CLIENT: Han Zhong Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., LTD  LOCATION: Hanzhong, China  SIZE: 4.2km

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Terrain Studio, CA    SERVICE: Roadway LID Design

The West Silk Road (4.2 kilometers) is part of a larger planned roadway network that will be constructed within the 27.7 km2  Xing Yuan New Town development in Hanzhong, China.  GEO designed the green stormwater infrastructure with goals of reducing the peak storm flows and treat stormwater to maintain good water quality in the project’s lake system. This design entailed a series of 100 bio-swale sections that collect stormwater runoff through customized granite curb cuts, and filter the water through a specialized bio-retention media. A drainpipe at the base of the swale collects the filtered water and a raised orifice controls the rate of discharge to a central stormwater line. This system can treat up to 90% of a 2-year rain event. GEO performed hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to determine facility sizing and prepared the construction drawing package.