CLIENT: Clay County Utility Authority LOCATION: Clay County, Florida YEAR: 2019  

GEO is providing engineering design and construction management services for a Phosphorus Elimination System (PES) that will remove 6,500 pound of phosphorus from the Fleming Island Wastewater Treatment facility based in Clay County, Florida. The PES is a vegetated vertical filtration system which utilizes an engineered media formulated for extremely high phosphorus loads from the Flemings Island wastewater treatment plant.  Each day, 2.4 million gallons of treated wastewater with high phosphorus concentrations are pumped onto the 40,000 sq. ft. facility.   The PES phosphorus removal efficiency will exceed 90%. Services include pump sizing, wet well design, hydraulic modeling and design of a water distribution system. During construction, GEO is working with the constructor to source materials, review submittals, and provide onsite direction of the PES installation. GEO will assist is direct monitoring and reporting of the PES during facility operations beginning in the winter of 2020.