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Changsha Tongxi Waterway is under construction

Tongxi waterway

GEO worked with SWA Group (the landscape architect) in designing a 4km waterway that will connect an existing and future lake. This waterway ranges from 30 to 50 meters in width weaving its way through planned residential and retail neighborhoods. We built a Civil 3D surface to determine the optimal waterway alignment and calculated cut and fill volumes. A total of 2,300,000 cubic meters of material will eventually be excavated and used to support adjacent development projects. We will keep you posted on progress!

Be like a Beaver: Wood Grade Control Structures at the Skagit Environmental Bank have been installed.


The Skagit Environmental Bank is a wetland mitigation bank located in Skagit County, Washington. Mark Merkelbach helped to design and permit this project. This bank provides wetland mitigation credits to compensate for adverse wetland impacts in the lower Skagit River service area. A series of channel spanning wood grade control structures were installed to raise the creek bed elevation to reconnect the creek to the floodplain in order to support wetland vegetation. Decades of land practices that included channel straightening had reduced localized flooding. These big boy beaver dams will help restore natural floodplain hydrology. Hopefully one day, beavers will add to these structures!

Ningbo Eco-Corridor Receives 2016 ASLA Professional Awards


(image courtesy Tom Fox/SWA)

Mark Merkelbach worked with SWA Group in 2007-2009 to develop the wetland habitat design for an ecological corridor running through the heart of the Ningbo Eastern New Town. The first phase of this project has been constructed and is flourishing. A dynamic array of wetland habitats and habitat structure (perch poles and woody debris) make this a one-of-a-kind urban ecological habitat project. This site is now enjoyed by both residents and wildlife that call this place home.


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GEO gives a green stormwater lecture at University of Washington School of Landscape Architecture

7 8

GEO’s Mark Merkelbach and Shaoxuan Zhou discussed green stormwater infrastructure design strategies and the China Sponge City program with students from Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. Mr. Merkelbach and Professor Jeff Hou, the UW department Chair, then facilitated a conversation with the visiting landscape architecture students about the design process, role of LAs and engineers, and how the the Sponge City program is evolving.

GEO got 3rd place in Dr. Chen Wen-chen Incident Memorial Square Competition

NTU Competition Layout-01

GEO_TW team got 3rd place in a Memorial Square competition in National Taiwan University. The design idea incorporates with the existing water reuse facility to a multi-function LID park. It not only collects and treats the surface and rooftop runoff for water reuse, but also create a water feature to represent the history of Dr. Chen Wen-Chen Incident. The purpose is to encourage people reveling the history and activate the space in both activities and engineer functional aspects.

GEO gives a talk at a Sponge City Design Workshop in Beijing

IMG_1327 (002) IMG_1323

Dr. Bill Lucas and Yi Yang spoke at the 2016 International Low Impact Development Conference held in Beijing this past June. They lead a 3 hour discussions on City-Scale Stormwater Modeling and developing a Stormwater Tool Box for China Sponge Cities. Over 100 engineers and planners attended this workshop. This was a great turn out and provided important background to Chinese Stormwater professionals.