CEO / Principal




Mark Merkelbach is a civil designer and professional wetland scientist (PWS) with 15 years of local and international experience in green stormwater infrastructure design (GSI), wetland and stream habitat design, water quality treatment, and sustainability analysis. He works with stakeholders and design firms in developing ecological and stormwater master plans. Mr. Merkelbach manages green infrastructure projects driven by ecological design principles that balance the needs of local fauna and flora with the built environment. These projects achieve water quality protection and habitat rehabilitation through green infrastructure planning and low impact development.





Principal Environmental Engineer



Dr. Lucas is recognized for his capabilities in stormwater modeling, hydraulic computations, and state of the art water quality design. He provides a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in optimizing green infrastructure stormwater infrastructure system functions and performance. Dr. Lucas is a national leader in advanced water quality systems, with 2 U.S. and 8 international patents and research now underway in five universities in over four nations.




Landscape Designer / TW Office Manager



Kei-Sing Yiu is a landscape designer with 5 years professional experience in multiple-scale park design, recreational area planning, urban design, historical landscape preserve, stormwater treatment, and wetland design. He joined Green Earth Operations to work on local and international projects right after he graduated from University of Washington at 2014. As an in-house landscape designer, he produces quality diagrams to illustrate the technical knowledge to clients, and provides design ideas for varies scale of environmental engineering projects to create not only aesthetic value, but also multiple functions for people and nature.





Landscape Designer

Tzu-kang is a landscape designer with 3 years practical experience. He worked in EDS Group after graduated from Landscape Department of Chung Yuan Christian University. By participating in lots of joint project with architects, Tzu-Kang develop his enthusiasm and professionalism in urban landscape revision. He joined GEO TW office at 2015 to provide new prospect in sponge city district revision projects, and to find new oppotunities in LID landscape projects.





Landscape Designer

Jing is a landscape designer who received her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from University of Washington. Her design focuses on the urban environment and interconnections with water features, ecological programming and green infrastructure. Before that, she studied Landscape Architecture in Beijing Forestry University, where she became experienced with designs of different scales – from the master plan to detail design.