GEO’s engineer, Yi Yang and John Lenth, Herrera Environmental Consultants coordinated a tour of Sponge City stormwater facilities in Zhenjiang, China. We were honored to have Zhang Linwei from the central government Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development attend. Mr. Zhang is one of the chief architects of China’s Sponge City program, a multi-billion dollar stormwater retrofit program in select Chinese cities. The tour was followed up by a stormwater monitoring presentation and discussion lead by both GEO and Herrera.

phase change

Construction of all 23 Gravity Swales™ is almost complete. These stormwater treatment facilities capture and treat all the campus’s stormwater pipe discharge entering the Yudai River. They are designed to filter small rain events and safely overflow larger storms. The swales will soon be vegetated with emergent wetland plant species and fully integrated into the landscape plan.