The Skagit Environmental Bank is a wetland mitigation bank located in Skagit County, Washington. Mark Merkelbach helped to design and permit this project. This bank provides wetland mitigation credits to compensate for adverse wetland impacts in the lower Skagit River service area. A series of channel spanning wood grade control structures were installed to raise the creek bed elevation to reconnect the creek to the floodplain in order to support wetland vegetation. Decades of land practices that included channel straightening had reduced localized flooding. These big boy beaver dams will help restore natural floodplain hydrology. Hopefully one day, beavers will add to these structures!


(image courtesy Tom Fox/SWA)

Mark Merkelbach worked with SWA Group in 2007-2009 to develop the wetland habitat design for an ecological corridor running through the heart of the Ningbo Eastern New Town. The first phase of this project has been constructed and is flourishing. A dynamic array of wetland habitats and habitat structure (perch poles and woody debris) make this a one-of-a-kind urban ecological habitat project. This site is now enjoyed by both residents and wildlife that call this place home.


For more information https://www.asla.org/2016awards/173014.html